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The Costume Mistress

Customer Gallery
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Dedicated to my wonderful clients, a lovely gallery of their special gowns!

California Bridal Gown
This gown was constructed using the My Fair Lady Ballgown as our inspiration.  We copied the lace design onto the front panel of the dressing using heavily embroidered venise lace.
The Gown was created using Embroidered English netting embellished with crystal drop beading around the empire bustline and sleeves.  Pearl detail enhanced the rounded neckline, flattering my clients lovely features!

A beautiful California Bride, Jessica and Christopher on their special day!

Two Little Love Birds
Jessica and Chris

Chris and Jessica
My Fair Lady in Embroidered English Net with Venise Lace

Donna models her "Swim Gown" made for a special Tea to be shared with her lovely niece who is also pictured here!

Titanic Swim Dress
Donna and her niece

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