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The Costume Mistress

More Titanic Inspired Gowns

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More Spectacular Titanic Fashions for you to see!

A Breakfast Gown in Lavender

The Costume Mistress is proud to offer Afternoon Tea Hats and custom made non-working parasols' to compliment your Tea Gowns.  Please contact us with your color preferences, etc and we will construct a matching set for you!  Prices vary based on materials and shipping locations.

Afternoon Tea Hat and Matching Parasol

The Elevator Gown - Dress #2 as it appears in the movie

Roses' Elevator Gown
FOR SALE - fits Size 8-10

Back View of Elevator Gown

This version of Rose's Elevator Gown is made of White Satin Striped chiffon upper bodice, overlayed onto white peachskin chiffon.  The inset is white lace with beaded lace appliques centered on the inset.
The outer overskirt is white peachskin chiffon and the Under skirt is black poly satin.The sash is a velvet burnout with a scroll pattern on satin and a lovely red peony serves to accent the waist.

Roses Dressing Gown - Gown #5 as it appears in the movie.

Roses' Dressing Gown - consists of over 25 yards of antique laces incorporated with heirloom stitches, entredeux, and french cotton laces onto 100% Imperial Cotton Batiste in soft Peach.

Roses' Antique Lace Dressing Gown
FOR SALE - Size 10-12

Side view of Dressing Gown

Back view of Dressing Gown

The Deck Dress - Gown #6 as it appears in the movie

The Deck Gown is made of White crepe rayon with metallic gold appliques on the shoulders and sleeves.  Antique lace creates a feminine neckline while an upperbustline is accented at the waist with a slender sash and goldtoned buckle.  The dress is slightly bustled in the back. The gold fabric features cabbage roses that catch the light in a subtle damask weave.



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