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The Costume Mistress

Harry Potter Reproductions

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Harry Potter:  

The Goblet of Fire

Hermione's Yule Ball Gown 

Emma Watson's Gown took over 12 meters of Silk Georgette Chiffon to make those lovely ruffled layers.



Katie's Junior Prom Ball Gown 


The dress took over a week total to make and well over 12 yards of sparkled organza.  The Purple Satin Underdress had over 24 parts just in the upper bodice alone.  The layered skirt has 8 layers of chiffon and 8 layers in the satin underskirt.  Each layer was separately cut and hand sewn along with the shoulder ruffles. 

Over 20 ruffle layers together to make the gown.

The hairstyle took over 2 hours to complete.  The matching jewelry was hand crafted from Swarovski Crystal and  illusion wiring.  Earrings, bracelet and necklace were all handmade by Dreams in Beads.



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