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The Costume Mistress

Current Creations
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Scroll down and take a look at these beautiful gowns.
Camera's do not do justice to the quality and sparkle of the fabrics and beading!!

Each month, new creations will make their debut appearance on this page. As new creations are posted, the replaced creations will migrate to their new homes on the other respective pages.
If you are looking for a current creation and cannot locate it, please email The Costume Mistress for information. I will try to post the location of the creations once they have been relocated.


Thanks for visiting. Please be patient as the graphics are intensive and you may experience significant downloading time. However, it is worth the wait! So please hang out, enjoy your coffee and browse away!

The Moulin Rouge - Courtesan Satine's Dress
Designed for the Queen of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana of one of the infamous "Krewe's".

Moulin Rouge Corset Dress Back View

Moulin Rouge Corset Dress

Reproduction Titanic Tea Gown

SOLD  Size 12-14.
This one of a kind Titanic reproduction of Rose DeWitt Bukater's infamous Tea Gown consists of an outer lace layer with an overskirt of heavily embroidered venise lace and a black velveteen and coral satin cummerbund with flowertrim.
The celadon green underlayer is of a polyblend jacquard fabric with a soft mintgreen poly blend lining.

jen's titanic tea gown front full length

Rose's Titanic Tea Gown

Reproduction Titanic Swim Dress

A beautiful polyester chiffon swim dress that shipped to Valencia, California. Back view of swim dress ~ Note the sash is correctly placed at the upper portion of the back bodice as is the movie gown.



Sparkling organza makes this swim dress simply lovely. Five layers of organza make for a beautiful evening gown.
Back view of the five layered gown. Sash is tied at the waist and is held in place by two small carriers. The bustle is hand attached at the base of the zipper to create this feminine look.


sparkleswim dress back view

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