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The Costume Mistress

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Site Last Updated: June 24, 2009

Edwardian Tea Time Gown

Beautiful Dreamer NightGown
Size 10-12 - **SOLD** More available by special order!

Order Status:
Open for Halloween Costume orders
and Christmas / New Year's Evening Gowns
Hurry and place your order now!
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The Costume Mistress produces truly unique and fascinating garments, jewelry, hats and accessories from one of a kind heirloom textiles and artifacts.

The Costume Mistress offers custom clothing for Adults and children with classical appeal in a variety of styles and sizes. Vintage and reproduction textiles and findings are used to create a truly unique garment designed and fitted especially for you.

The Costume Mistress spends hours developing ideas for reproduction clothing.  Most inspirations are obtained from historical research and actual garments. These ideas are then adapted into designs that can be reproduced using today's modern sewing techniques.
With each reproduction, a history page is included, giving the period of the design, creation date, name of the person for whom the garment was created and care instructions for historical preservation purposes. This ensures that reproduction garments can be transferred from one generation to another with the history intact.
Each garment from heirloom to costume is meticulously handcrafted with each detail given the greatest of consideration.

Titanic Jump Dress
Upper Bodice with beaded lace overlay

Antique Lace Christening Gown
bluelacegown 240 pixels
Size 6-12 mos, $145.00 S&H ***SOLD******

Let me recycle your vintage fabrics, laces and trims into a one of a kind heirloom, complete with recorded history to be passed down through the generations.

About The Costume Mistress: 
Ms. Herrington is not only an award winning designer, she is a philanthropist.  She has held benefit fashion shows for the Council on Aging and military organizations,donating her time, labor and thousands of dollars in materials to many deserving playhouses, schools and performaing arts theater programs.
Ms.  Herrington subscribes to the philosphy that charity begins at home and she definitely practices what she preaches.  Just ask the folks at the Fantasy Playhouse of Huntsville, Alabama.  They were the recipient of a generous donation of the entire contents of Ms. Herrington's design studio just prior to her relocation to her new home in Georgia.
The Costume Mistress is a global operation with international scope and vision.

For a professional resume and profile of Mrs. Herrington, Please visit "The Designer" page. Click on the heading at the top of this page.

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