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The Costume Mistress

Gladiator Inspired Reproductions

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Look like your favorite character from Russell Crowe's smash hit "Gladiator".

Russell Crowe as "General Maximus"

Pick your favorite costume. Is it Lucilla's fashionable wardrobe? Slave tunic with tattered sleeves? Commodus's royal togs or General Maximus commanding uniform?

Russell Crowe as he portrays General Maximus. The General who became a slave, the slave who became a gladiator, the gladiator who defied an empire!

Look and feel like a real Roman General in this reproduction costume. Colors were changed to suit the customer's requests. Armor is made of Lightweight leather look vinyl. Undertunic is made of red poly crepe with greek key trim. The cape is made of Lightweight leather look vinyl, fake fur and red poly crepe. Wool can be substituted for a heavier weight in the cape.



The Emporer's Daughter, Lucilla Farris

Lucilla Farris, daughter of Emporer Caesar Marcus Aurelius, wore this gown to what was supposed to be Maximus' defeat at the hand of the Tigress of Gaul. She stood in amazement looking regal and royal in this wine color combination as Maximus soundly defeated him and then mercifully spared his life against Commodus' wishes.


Cheer on your favorite gladiator while looking like a Royal princess in this 3 piece ensemble. The underdress is of Wine colored satin, trimmed with gold and wine crisscross, accentuating the bust and waistline. The first drape of wine sparkle organza is completely trimmed with gold. The final touch as duplicated from the royal homecoming scene is the gold sparkle headdress, trimmed with heavy gold lace and small tinkling bells. Over 10 yards of fabric went into construction of this gown.



Closeup of Detail Work on Scarves

Full Length View

Back View of Costume

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